Bus Information

You must have the CAMPER PICK-UP CARD to retrieve your camper(s), including PAs each day. In addition, an adult signature is also required.

All campers must ride the bus (except children of full-time camp volunteers who drive with their volunteers.). Bus fee is included in the price of camp.

All campers riding the bus must return the Camper Release Form before the start of camp.  This is the best way to designate additional adults to pick-up your camper.

The bus drop-off/ pick-up location is not published for security reasons.  It will be mailed to all campers riding the bus in June.  Please contact “Maple” (Denise Greenspan) if you have questions before then.


Bus drop-off at 8:15

  • Please arrive at the bus location by 8:15 am at the latest. All buses depart PROMPTLY at 8:30 am 
  • For safety reasons, no camper can be left unsupervised; please remain with your camper(s) until checked onto the bus. Check in with the bus crew located by your bus when you arrive. Your camper’s bus number is on your Camper Pick-Up Card; please locate this number before arriving at the bus stop.


Bus pick-up at 4:00PM

  • Each adult designated to pick-up your camper will need to have with them the camper’s Camper Pick-Up Card and photo ID at pick-up.
  • An adult signature is also required before leaving with the camper. Locate a bus parent helper with your bus number’s check-out sheet. They should be present at the bus stop prior to bus arrival.
  • Written permission from the parent/guardian is required to pick up a child who is not your own. The completed Camper Release Form (see above) is most useful for this.  Please contact “Maple” if you have changes to who is authorized to pick up your camper(s). (See Contact Page.)
  • If you are arranging a carpool, or not driving your own camper during the week, please be sure your car pool drivers are listed on the Camper Release Form. Those adults will need your Camper Pick-Up Card and photo ID to pick-up your camper.
  • If you arrive to pick-up your camper(s) without the CAMPER PICK-UP CARD, you must see “Maple” to have your ID verified (driver’s license) and locate your name on that Camper Release Form (to be sure you are “authorized,”) and then you will be given a temporary pick-up card to use for sign-out on that day only.
  • Buses are scheduled to arrive at 4:00 pm each day. In case of bus delays, the Bus Parent helper will be notified. You can locate her at the bus stop with the sign-out clipboards for updates.
  • Any camper not picked-up at the bus location by 4:15 pm may lose bus privileges for the next day. The buses cost us extra if they cannot be unloaded promptly.  The Camper Pick-up Card mailing will include contact numbers to txt if you will be late.