Unit Information

Badges – Mountaindale North Day Camp 2018

Daisies: Girls entering 1st Grade – choices

  • Daisies will earn the “Mountaindale” Try-it – play games, sing songs, take nature hikes, prepare an outdoor snack, and do arts and crafts
  •  Outdoor Art Maker Badge – Explore the outdoors and use what you see and hear to make art projects.

Brownies: Girls entering 2nd and 3rd Grade – choices

Brownies will earn one of three badges, play games, sing songs, take nature hikes, cook, do arts and crafts, and begin learning outdoor skills.

  • Outdoor Adventurer – Explore nature, play outdoor games, learn camp skills, and care for the outdoors.
  • Outdoor Art Creator – This is a new Girl Scout badge:  have fun creating art in the outdoors.
  • Bugs – Bugs help us in many ways.  Explore bugs and learn more about the little creatures.

Juniors: Girls entering 4th and 5th Grade

Juniors will earn one of three badges, play games, sing songs, take nature hikes, cook, do arts and crafts, and learn outdoor skills.

  • Outdoor Skills Badge – Learn how to identify plants and animals, build an outdoor shelter, tie cool knots, use a compass, and more.
  • Outdoor Cooking (GS Simple Meals Badge) – Learn how to cook outdoor meals at camp. You will be receiving the GS Simple Meals badge.
  • Eco Camper – Learn the “leave no trace” behind principles, plan a meal with the environment in mind, take a hike and have fun.

Outdoor Explorers: Girls entering 6th grade

Outdoor Explorers sing songs, take hikes, cook, and do a craft project, but their primary focus is on learning outdoor skills. They will learn how to tie knots, start a fire, build a shelter, use a map and compass, and first aid. This unit prepares girls for the PAIT unit the following year.

Program Aide In Training (PAIT): Girls entering 7th grade and above who are interested in becoming a Program Aide

Learn how to be a Program Aide for Girl Scouts in a day camp setting. Through hands-on activities throughout the week, PAITs will learn how to lead outdoor activities with younger girls. Girls who successfully complete the training will be qualified to be a PA at camp the following summer.

Program Aide (PA)/Councilor In Training(CIT): Girls entering 8th grade and above who have successfully completed council-provided or day camp program aide training

Program Aides/CITs lead activities at camp, either with units of younger girls or in specific program areas, such as outdoor skills, hikes, arts and crafts, the nature area, cooking, or songs. PAs work with adult volunteers to run the camp units or program areas. All girls interested in being a PA will need to have a personal interview with day camp staff to determine proper unit/specialist placement. PAs need to attend both Indoor Training and Outdoor Training prior to camp. (Link to PA Application Info)

Widget: Children of volunteers, age 3-5, both boys and girls

Widgets do art projects, play outdoors, sing songs, and take nature walks while their parents volunteer in other units at camp. Must be potty trained. Flush toilets are available.   Widgets may attend only when their adult volunteer is at camp.

Boys: Children of volunteers, entering 1st grade and older

Boys do craft projects, learn outdoor skills, cook, hike, and play games in the meadow. Led by older boys and supervised by adults, the boys’ program is customized according to the age and interests of the boys in the unit.  Boys may attend camp only when their adult volunteer is at camp.