General Information

Your day begins

Adult volunteers:  your day begins at 8:30 am with a daily staff meeting in Marilyn’s Place, the children of these volunteers gather in the meadow to play.  Your day ends when the buses leave at 3:30 pm.

If you are an adult volunteer that is riding the bus, then please have someone from your unit attend this daily staff meeting.

Campers:  your day begins at 8:15am when you arrive at the bus location and ends when you arrive back at the bus location around 4:00 pm(the exact time is dependent on the traffic from camp).

Generally buses arrive at camp by 9:00 am and leave camp at 3:30 pm.


All campers must ride the bus except children of adult volunteers.  These children of adult volunteers will come to camp with there adult volunteer.

Bus location and times

We have a new bus location.  You can email for the location or wait for the information which will be sent via mail in late June.

 Arrive 8:15 a.m. / Return 4:00 p.m.

*Children of bus volunteers may ride the bus; children of non-bus volunteers should ride with their parent to camp.


There will be an optional overnight on Thursday, July 26, 2018 for girls entering 4th grade and above in the fall of 2018 where the girls sleep under the stars.


Requests will be honored whenever possible. Buddies must request one another and have the same badge choices when registering.