2021 Info Coming Soon

We want all our campers to be safe and HAVE FUN!!!

  • Campers may not leave the camp at any time, unless signed out by their parent/guardian and camp staff is notified.
  • Adult volunteers will wear identifying camp t-shirts at all times; campers should communicate only with adults wearing Mountaindale shirts.
  • SICK CHILD: Please do not send your child to camp sick! If your child will not be at camp for any reason, you MUST contact the Transportation Director.
  • CANCELLATIONS: No refunds will be given after 6/15/2020, but please notify us if your camper cannot attend.
  • INSURANCE: All campers are covered by a Girl Scout accident insurance policy. This is a secondary policy and does not cover sickness, poison oak, etc.
  • TRANSPORTATION: All campers (except children of adult camp volunteers) ride the bus for safety reasons. Do not drive your child to or from camp unless you have approval and directions from our Transportation & Attendance Advisor. The camp address is only given out on an “as needed” basis to prevent unwelcome or suspicious visitors. Campers carpooling to camp with an adult volunteer will not receive a bus card; if family plans have changed and your camper(s) will now be riding the bus, please contact our Transportation & Attendance Advisor ASAP. Campers riding the bus to camp will receive a mailing in late June containing bus stop information and a bus card for all children in your family riding the bus.
  • CAMPER RELEASE FORM:  Families will receive an email in early June from Maple that will provide the Camper Release Form and attendance telephone contact information. Families will be provided with instructions to complete and return to the Transportation & Attendance Advisor. This Form must be completed and returned before the start of camp.  If you did not receive the Email with the form, please contact us ASAP.
  • Mountaindale North Facebook group page:  We will post daily announcements, camp details, any breaking news, and camp photos during our week. Due to GS policies, this is a monitored, private group. Photos posted in the group may NOT be publicly shared on any social media, or printed, for the girls’ privacy and safety.
    • To join the FB group, search for Mountaindale North Day Camp and send us a join request. You will be asked a series of questions that will help us confirm that your child is registered for MDNDC 2020.
  • Medications:  Camper medications MUST be in their original containers labeled with the camper’s name, the name of the med and instructions. A signed note with specific instructions for administering that med must accompany it. Meds will be turned in to the First Aid Station at the beginning of each day, except respiratory inhalers or EPI pens (see below). It is the camper’s responsibility to pick up their medications at the end of the day or at the end of camp from First Aid.
    • Inhalers/ EPI Pens: Campers may carry these IF the camper is knowledgeable with their use and has written permission from a parent/guardian. It is the camper’s responsibility to pick up their medications at the end of the day or at the end of camp from First Aid
  • Emergency Closure:  If an emergency occurs that forces the closure of camp after camp has started, we will make every effort to contact parents to pick up their children at the bus pick-up location. If the emergency makes it impossible to get to the bus location, all campers will be transported to a safe location and parents will be notified from there.
  • Lost & Found: Each year we have jackets, sleeping bags and many other unclaimed items. Please label everything! Masking tape works well for this. All lost & found items will be kept for 30 days, after which everything will be donated to charity.