UPDATE: 5/13/2021

We still have room for more campers in all units. Especially Daisy, Brownie and PAIT. Our PA’s are almost at capacity…only a few spots left.

We also have plenty of openings in Session 2, so if you want to register for an additional session you can.

***IMPORTANT CHANGE: The carpooling restriction has been lifted, so you may now utilize carpooling. Please be advised that the health screen will happen while the campers are still in the car. If any one camper in a car/carpool does not pass the health screen, the entire car will not be allowed to remain at camp for that day. ***

We still need more adult volunteers! (Campers with an adult volunteer are guaranteed a spot.)

Registration closes on Tuesday June 1st

Dear MNDC Campers, PA’s, Parents and Volunteers,

We are so excited to see everyone at camp this summer! Thank you to the many families who took the time to complete our surveys. Your feedback has greatly assisted in our decision making. In an effort to have as many girls participate in a fun and safe outdoor day camp experience, we will be offering two, 2-day sessions:

Session A: 7/26 & 7/27 9am-3pm (Mon/Tues)
Cost: $75 for a camper $45 for PA

Wednesday sanitize & transition day

Session B: 7/29 & 7/30 9am-3pm (Thur/Fri)
Cost: $75 for a camper $45 for PA

We will have offerings for ALL age groups in each session: Widgets, Boys, Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadette, PAIT

The finer details:

Each cohort will not exceed 12 girls total; this includes 2 PA’s. Adult volunteers do not count against this number. Two adult volunteers will be needed for each cohort. Adult volunteers cannot have interaction with more than 3 cohorts in one week. No co-mingling of cohorts. This is per GSUSA local council following the guidance set forth by the Oregon Health Authority.

You will have the option to select a 1st choice session and a 2nd choice session. Campers from the same household will only be allowed to attend the same session. For cohorting reasons, campers and PA’s are not able to attend both sessions. We will do our best to honor 1st choices but cannot guarantee that you will get your first choice. Buddies can be requested and we will do our best to honor the request. Both buddies must request each other and the same session.

PAITs and Outdoor Explorers (girls entering 6th and 7th grade)
If your camper was registered as a PAIT or Outdoor Explorer last year, please plan on registering for that same level again. We understand that this has been an extraordinary year and we want ALL campers at these levels to receive the experience and training needed before advancing into the PA ranks.

Program Aides
PA’s will only attend one session. We will honor our Golden PA’s at the end of each session as we have in the past on the last day of their assigned session. PA’s will also have a greater responsibility in their unit roles such as becoming strong gimping gurus and strong outdoor/nature skills.

COVID Safety Protocols
For the safety of our campers and volunteers, everyone will be required to wear masks at all times, practice social distancing of 6 feet, frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizer. We will do a health screen of all campers and volunteers daily upon arrival. We will request families also do a health assessment at home before coming to camp each day. If your camper is exhibiting any of the following please keep them home.

Primary COVID Symptoms:
Fever of 100.4F or higher
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
New loss of taste or smell

Non-Primary Symptoms:
Nausea or Vomiting
Fatigue (tiredness)
Sore Throat
Muscle/Body Aches
Congestion or runny nose

Transportation will be provided by the parent to and from. Carpooling is not allowed at this time per GS Council.

Marilyn’s Place will only be utilized by Core staff and for the use of the bathrooms for volunteers.Campers and PA’s will not be allowed inside Marilyn’s. Core staff will maintain 6 feet apart and will wear face masks at all times. Our nurse’s station will be located outside of the kitchen area. We will have an isolation area established for any campers exhibiting primary COVID symptoms and isolation protocols will be in place.

Sadly, some of our beloved traditions will have to take a pause this year. This includes: PA Overnight, Thursday overnight for our Junior’s on up, campfire and skits, PA hunt, mugwumps, JR outdoor cook, gathering at flag (this will be modified), Friday fun activities & storyteller.

Registration will open on 17th at 9am for Volunteers and their campers only. Once we have an idea of how many volunteers we have, we will then open up the registration for the rest of camp on Saturday May 1st at 9am.

4/17 9am: Volunteers and their campers only
5/1 9am: Rest of campers

Again, because we are limited in capacity, priority will be given to campers/PA’s with a full time volunteer. Everyone else will be placed into a waitlist pool and pulled in based on date/time stamp. PA’s are brought in off of the waitlist in a different priority model:

PA’s with FT volunteers
PA’s serving on PA Council (we have 9 this year)
Golden PA’s
General population with date/time stamp and with a balance of ages

Golden PA’s from LAST summer are invited to attend this summer as a Golden.

PA Council: this is the leadership group of PA’s and they are rolling over from last year. This year they will be focusing on PA training and team building. They will also plan fun interactive scavenger hunts for the campers.

PA Interviews: via Zoom TBD, but before June 15th
PA Training: via Zoom TBD

All adult and PA training and PA interviews will be virtual. Outdoor setup for camp with volunteers and PA’s will be modified.

Volunteer training date: TBD but before 6/15

Outdoor training/setup: July 24 & July 28, 2021 Volunteers and PA’s only, no siblings. Timing and dates TBD

Disclaimer: As we are in an ever changing world with the pandemic, this is all subject to modifications.